Brennan Gorrie

Brennan Gorrie has been a devoted practitioner of the en plein air method of watercolor painting for over 30 years. En plein air literally translates to “in the open view.” Brennan employs this classic technique to capture the natural light, color, and movement of subjects throughout North America and the Caribbean. She has also painted picturesque scenes in the villages of Greece, Italy, France and Spain. Brennan’s impressionistic style of transparent watercolors capture the play of sunlight against timeless settings and natural foliage. Her seascapes, landscapes, native birds and the wildlife of Florida reflect the colors and life around her.
Brennan was born in Richmond, Virginia. She moved to Sarasota, Florida, to study at The Ringling School of Art & Design. Upon completion of her studies, Brennan remained in Sarasota where she currently resides and works in her studio gallery. Her paintings hang in private and permanent collections throughout the United States and Canada, as well as abroad, and has been included in numerous prestigious juried shows and gallery exhibitions.
Brennan’s watercolor collection is comprised of striking scenes from around the world, interpreted in her own unique and inspiring point of view.  She brings these paintings home to Sarasota to show and sell. Giclee prints are available in customized sizes. All prints are signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity